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Settlement for the annual fee of AiSVD 2019

As it was informed when you settled the Online Payment,the annual fee for AiSVD will be charged from your credit card in December 2020.
The new members in 2020 will not be charged for this year.

Full member: ¥4,000
Associate member: ¥2,500

It will be mentioned ‘[ZEUS] settlement confirmation’ 'in yourcredit card statement.

And if you have not got your ID, please go through for this URL to settle the online payment.
Otherwise, you are losing your membership.

Welcome to the AiSVD

The Asian Society of Veterinary Dermatology (AiSVD) is an international non-profit organization comprises veterinarians and non-veterinarians who are interested in the biology and diseases of animal skin. The objective of the Society shall be to further scientific progress in veterinary and comparative dermatology. The society shall endeavour to achieve this objective by:

1. Providing an organization for recognized specialists in veterinary dermatology and for individuals who take interest in practice, research or the teaching of veterinary and comparative dermatology.
2. Providing further dermatological education for graduate veterinarians, veterinary students and nurses.
3. Encouraging and promoting improved methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of skin diseases in animals.
4. Encouraging the exchange of clinical and scientific information for veterinary and comparative dermatology.

We welcome applications from new members who share our interest!

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Settlement for the annual fee of AiSVD 2019

As it was informed when you settled the Online Payment, the annual fee for AiSVD will be charged on your credit card in December 2019.
It will be mentioned ’ZEUS merchant club’ in your credit card statement.

9th World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology

20-24th October, 2020
ICC Sydney, Australia

-WCVD scholarship

The World Association for Veterinary Dermatology (WAVD) is very excited to announce that the scholarship program for WCVD9 held on 20-24th October 2020 has been open. WAVD offers financial support to encourage veterinarians with limited access to continuing education in veterinary dermatology to attend the WCVD. The scholarship includes one full free registration and an allowance towards travel and accommodation of 1,000 USD cash payment. A total of 30 scholarships will be offered. Please visit the following website for application of the scholarship. Note that the application will close 1st December 2019.

Asian Meetings of Animal Medicine Specialties (AMAMS) 2019

23-25th October 2019
Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Center of International Sousing

-AMAMS Scholarship for AiSVD members

AiSVD is excited to announce the scholarship program of 50,000 JPY to support the AMAMS participants if they fulfill the following criteria:
- Full or associate members of AiSVD on 17th September 2019
- < 35 years old, not the employers of the hospitals, not Diplomates of AiCVD
- Residents of Asian countries except for China.

If the members want to apply for the scholarship, please complete the following document and send to by 30th September JST.
Download Scholarship Application Form  pdf  docx