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Public Interest Incorporated Association of Asian Society of Veterinary Dermatology (AiSVD)
Provisions concerning Country Representatives

Enacted by the Ordinary General Meeting on February 19, 2015.


Article 1: The purpose of these provisions is to provide the necessary matters concerning country representatives of the Public Interested Incorporated Association of Asian Society of Veterinary Dermatology (hereunder referred to as “AiSVD”).

(Country Representatives)

Article 2: AiSVD shall principally appoint one country representative from each country in Asia where full members reside.
2. Country representatives shall not be appointed from a country where no full members reside or from a non-Asian country.
3. Administrative duties concerning countries that apply to Paragraph 2 above shall be carried out by members of the ordinary Committee of AiSVD.

(Election etc.)

Article 3: Country representatives shall be full members of AiSVD.
2. Country representatives shall be elected at the general meeting after being nominated by the Committee.


Article 4: Country representatives shall represent the members of the country they live in, and convey opinions and information between the general meeting, Committee, and members.
2. Country representatives shall submit to the chairman applications for membership or withdrawal received from citizens of their country.
3. Country representatives shall manage the membership list of citizens in their country.
4. Country representatives shall notify members in their country about the schedule for a general meeting, manage attendance, and notify the chairman about the attendance status.
5. Country representatives shall notify members about resolutions made at the general meeting, board of directors, and the Committee.
6. Country representatives shall notify members in their country on any other matter deemed necessary by AiSVD.

(Term of Office)

Article 5: Article 5: Country representatives shall serve terms of office lasting four years. However, they shall be eligible for immediate reappointment.
2. The term of office of country representatives who are nominated to fill a vacancy, or to augment the number of executives, shall last until the expiration date of the term of office of the predecessor.
3. Even if they resign or complete their term of office, country representatives shall continue their duties until a successor takes the office.

(Changes to these Provisions)

Article 6: If it becomes necessary to make any change to these provisions, the change shall be set forth by resolution at the general meeting.

(Supplementary Provisions)

Necessary matters not included in these provisions shall be provided separately by the president.

Supplementary Note:

These provisions are effective as of February 19, 2015.